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Families come in all sizes and types, enjoy this family of Mermaids.


More than a building toy: your own chair.


Sometimes you have a good idea, like getting two chairs for you daughters but can’t find the time to put it in place. I’d rather say to put all the parts together. This time, I came up with a better idea, why don’t involve them in the process? And the idea turned great when my daughter thought it would be fun to do it all by herself.

If you think about it, Ikea kids chair can be considered a building toy. In the process, my daughter read the pictograms-based assembly instructions, tried to follow step by step them, looked for all the pieces she needed to build the chair even when some of them looked pretty much alike, found out how the tool works. She assembled two of these chairs and the second time, she even showed the new acquired experience by organizing the parts in a more convenient way for the coming tasks.

The best reward for my daughter was to sit on a chair made by herself.

New siblings


The arrival of siblings is always overwhelming. Mom gets busy preparing everything for the baby and trying to include the other kids is not always and easy task. Here is an idea to get the kids involved in layette preparation.
One Mom from school is having twin girls so we organized a babyshower/playdate for the siblings and their friends. The request for each child was very simple; paint something the girls would like. The variety was extraordinary! From ages two to six everybody make their art, mixing colors and techniques, we ended up with a wide variety of styles. We took pictures from all of the drawings, set the images in an Illustrator file print them in a transfer sheets. After that we iron them into the onesies.
The result was beautiful!! The kids got very engaged with their little art project and it will definitely be something special when they see the girls using their design.

What you need:

Plain Onesies
Drawing canvas
Washable Colors Paints
Avery InkJet transfer sheets
Access to camara, computer and printer

Good luck and hope you will enjoy this as much as we did!

Thanks Macarena Reitze for the idea, organization and post.

Speedy banana slug


Juggling Cheerios


DIY Doll House


“Kids, and more specially girls, love doll houses, they spend hours and hours independently and quietly playing with them”, those are sentences I have read so many times, and I love the idea of getting a doll house for my daughters with nice furniture and tons of accessories. It is hard to reach an agreement about the essential set we should get, my husband thinks the barbeque set is a must, while I think the playground set with swings and a sand box is a better idea…

As this is a big purchase, I think to have in mind the girls’ opinion is important, so I took them to a toy store to show them the doll houses and see their reaction. Surprisingly, they paid, by far, much attention to a pink baby doll and other glitter pink thing.

I could not believe it!… So I changed my mind: no big doll house, we’d rather try a DIY house first, something easy and fun to build together, a good excuse to recycle some of the packaging around and if we have fun with it, we might get an upgrade to a wooden fancy doll house…

This is how we make our doll house:

Other ideas for reusing packaging? Check these toys or this Christmas tree.

Little critters


These are the last two additions to the family. These creatures didn’t come from Paris, they come from the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. This little museum offers a good bunch of creative workshops where families and specially children can record their favorite song, create a new stuffed friend and so many other activities.

Happy Mother’s day!