Love is in the air

Let’s face it, it’s February, it’s Valentine and you can’t ignore it any longer. It’s time to think what craft you are going to do with your little ones this year. I feel lucky because the 1 year old is going to enjoy whatever I do, while the 3 year old will be a great helper and get excited with the idea of another art project.

Parents go through this every year and thanks to some of them there are a ton of sites with Valentine crafts ideas. Actually, there are as many ideas as you can feel overwhelmed. Is that too much love in the air? No, you would better read this short summary from someone who spent her time searching about kids Valentine crafts:

  • First Valentine’s card. Toddlers can make their first Valentine’s card with a toilet paper roll heart stamp. It is easy and cute. Find the list of steps at Prudent baby.
  • Special for Boys. Your little boy will love to help painting this special car love shirt and later on he will always want to wear it. The tutorial of this art project is at Helping little hands.
  • Valentine’s card holder. Kids will need this holder to keep all their Valentine’s cards organized. If you like it, just follow the easy instructions at Free kids crafts.

About amaliabarragan

I am the mother of two daughters who left Spain longer than 2 years ago to live in San Francisco Bay Area, where the family was relocated. I am now living through that adaptation period which is the motherhood. Trying to keep in mind the essentials of my life before it and pass them on my little daughters. Those important things are outdoor activities, nature, biking, friends, traveling around the world, curiosity about everything, art, cooking. I am definitely enjoying this time with tons of activities and by sharing them I would love to help others.

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