Origami story


Have you ever tried to make origami figures?, I got an origami book some time ago. It included both the instructions to make a number of figures and some patterned papers which makes them look beautiful. It was my first contact with origami figures apart from the basic boat and plane everybody knows and I found it relaxing and engaging.

Later, my daughter saw those figures and she was amazed by them. She admired them, carefully examined one by one, asked if she could gentle touch them and picked up her favorite. After this unexpected reaction I thought we could make one together but it didn’t work. It was too complicated for her, and she lost the interest in seconds, she looked at me folding the origami paper for a while and then she moved to another activity. I thought we were done with the origami figures and kept them out of the reach of my daughters.

A few weeks ago, I realized that one of my daughter’s art projects at preschool included an origami house. That made me think we could give it another try but this time a more age appropriate try.

I looked for easy origami figures in internet and I found a good list. At that point, what I needed was something to involve my daughters with the origami figures. And what could it be better than a story?. That was how I came up with the three little pigs’ origami story.

We spent about 30 minutes making the figures: a few houses, pigs and wolves. Later we all played the three little pigs and next day, the big sister told the story to her little sister.

PS. If you want to see the origami figures of the story, go to the post Origami story: the three little pigs.

PPS. Find instructions for easy origami figures here. The wolf is a lion with more pointy ears.


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