Creative reuse of packaging


Every time I come back from the store with the car loaded with food for the family; I also get an incredibly high amount of packaging. We recycle, of course, but what about the two other Rs, Reduce and Reuse?.

Reduce: This family eat too much, I am considering buy less food as a way of reducing our packaging usage. Honestly, I don’t think this is going to work out: “Mom, milk please”. “Not today Sweetie, you had it yesterday”.

Reuse: With a bit of imagination, you can turn packaging into toys. The manufacturing process usually is fun and kids can even help you. Here, you can find four inspiring ideas to creative reuse  packaging: Pizza made from cardboard packaging

You need only a few layers of cardboard, glue and crayons, follow these easy steps:
  • I kept several cardboard bases of the frozen pizzas. These cardboard circles will save you a lot of cutting time and they have the perfect size to be a real pizza.
  • Choose your favorite base: the thicker you want your pizza, the more cardboard layers you have to glue.
  • Add some cheese and tomato:  These ingredients are slightly smaller circles in red and yellow color. Stick them on top of the base.
  • Finally add the toppings: mushrooms, peperoni, green peppers…   Draw the toppings in a piece of cardboard cut them and glue them on the top.
  • The pizza is ready and it needs to dry. (Not oven is needed).

When it is completely dry, use a sharp and pointy cutter to cut couple of slices so the kids can have their pizza party.

Boxes.Sticker for cardboard box

You may feel that you are not the kind of creative person who sees the inner toy in a piece of packaging. Don’t worry. Sure you can click on Box Play for Kids. This web site has a lot of cute stickers, you can stick to the most common packaging and as they say: “turn old boxes into new toys”.

Little crafts ideas from packaging

If you think the previous idea was too easy, try the crafts from Looledo.


The most difficult part of this idea is to get the boxes. You need a big and sturdy box to build a house, your kids will enjoy for a very long time. My cardboard house is older than two years, it has been used for 2 or 3 kids at a time, it is the perfect storage place and it is almost brand new.Kids cardboard house

Those ideas are a little example of what you can do with a bit of imagination and packaging. Internet is a vast source of craft ideas  and a lot of them include reusing packaging. Lately,  I am also using Pinterest to graphically screen what is out there and get inspiration for new projects.  I would like to be more active in this new social media, it is so addictive, but I don’t have the time…

Hope you enjoy these ideas and I would be more than happy to hearing  your feedback!


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  1. Jajaja qué buena la pizza! Yo le hice a Guillermo una casita para su perro de peluche con una caja de cartón, con tejado a dos aguas, y forrada después con cartulinas de colores para que quedase mas original. Le encantó y la utiliza hasta de garaje para los coches!


  2. Great imagination and a great post. It was fun reading. And so full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Something to think about when I have small kids in the house.

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