One for you… One for me

Spring is here and so is this amazing little bunny who lays chocolate eggs!!!!.

Many questions come from my 3 years old. Who is he? Where does he come from?… hmmmm … What does he eat?. There you go!!! That’s an easy answer, bunnies eat grass, and they enjoy it way more than you enjoy chocolate.

Searching around, I found this activity that puts together, Spring, planting, growing seeds, eggs and bunnies. Definitely this is the perfect activity for the season so I told my son: “As this bunny will bring you so much chocolate and toys, why don’t we prepare a treat for him?”.

You will need eggs, markers, soil, grass or wheat seeds and a few days for the grass to grow. The process to prepare a yummy treat for the bunny is: Eggs decoration for the Bunny. Spring craft

  • Crack the eggs around the top part.
  • Wash the shell and let it dry.
  • Let your little one paint faces with markers on each egg, they come out so cute.
  • Put a little of garden soil inside the eggs.
  • Sprinkle a little of grass or wheat seeds on top of the soil.
  • Water it and let them stay in a sunny spot for a few days.decorated eggs for the bunny. Easter craft

And finally, check how the bunny’s treats grow day by day. In the same way somewhere, our chocolate eggs are getting ready too:

One for you… one for me.


Good luck and thanks to Macarena Reitze for posting and keep’em busy; I am happy to share this blog space with my friends; this is a fruitful way to share ideas and experiences. After showing it to my daughters, they want to try it right away. Not sure if we will have our bunny’s treats ready in just one week.


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  1. Wow, This is a beautiful post. I remember when my kids were young and we loved to color eggs, this is a beautiful way to get them started gardening too! It helps if you can do this project outside too. I am wondering if you can plant little flowers in the eggs and give them as gifts. I am learning Spanish so appreciate the posts en Espanol.

    ¡Felices Pascuas!

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