The ever changing urban art


When strolling around a city, I usually pay attention to graffiti and other forms of urban art. If I am walking with my daughters, I point out what grabs my attention. And sometimes they get really excited because they find something unusual, different, unexpected or maybe just cute. In response to that, sometimes, and specially, the big sister points out what she finds interesting.

A few days ago, I was driving along Bush St in San Francisco when I realized that one of my favorite pieces of urban art had disappeared, it was a mural on the side of the 447 Bush St building, The Hotel Des Arts. These things happen; one of the characteristics of urban art is that it can last for ages or maybe minutes. I am aware of this ephemeral side of urban art, and because of that, I have been taking pictures of every piece I liked during the last years.

I am so curious about what has happened to that mural. It wasn’t just wiped, or over painted with anonymous paint. Something grew up over it… A house!. I am planning to go with my daughters to the area for a walk. I want to show them some graffiti in the area and I would love to tell them the story of the mural which disappeared under this house.

Do you know anything about it?, Why is there a house where there used to be a mural?.

447 bush st san francisco lebo mural

447 bush st san francisco house

More info: Lebo, Miami’s Lebo brings Hotel des Arts outdoors.


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