Earth day 2012


Earth Day, 22nd of April, is a day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. The name and concept of Earth Day was started at UNESCO Conference in San Francisco in 1969.

Here, in the Bay Area of San Francisco, there are many activities to celebrate this day and the warm and sunny weather helps to make the day the perfect day for a hiking or beach day. In the city, you can also celebrate the day, I got these good suggestions from another mom, who knows a lot about outdoors activities, A nature mom. So I made big plans for an outdoor day.

I had to change my plans, as so often happen when your plans involved very young kids. It wasn’t a big problem though. We are members of Burlingame Mothers’ Club, and they organized an Earth day event in a park near home. We not only enjoyed the day with activities for young kids like crafts, a petting zoo, the bubble man and planting flowers. The bubble man shared his secret recipe to make huge bubbles like the one in the picture.

  • ½ cup of Dawn dishwasher + ½ cup commercial solution of Captain Bubble®+4 cups water
  • Bubble wand: two sticks and yarn.

Later when we arrived at home, exhausted for the long morning filled with activities, sun and fun and the littleones recharged batteries with a nap. We replanted the flowers in our garden and tried to emulate the bubble man. No pictures of that, we all ended up soak in water and bubble juice.

My daughters are too young to understand the meaning of the Earth day, but they enjoy outdoors activities and that is a good foundation to build on.


About amaliabarragan

I am the mother of two daughters who left Spain longer than 2 years ago to live in San Francisco Bay Area, where the family was relocated. I am now living through that adaptation period which is the motherhood. Trying to keep in mind the essentials of my life before it and pass them on my little daughters. Those important things are outdoor activities, nature, biking, friends, traveling around the world, curiosity about everything, art, cooking. I am definitely enjoying this time with tons of activities and by sharing them I would love to help others.

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  1. We had to alter our plans, too. No Earth Stroll event for us, either, as my son is sick and wasn’t up for a big outing. We had a lovely short familly hike instead. Happy Earth Day!

  2. Cuando tenemos niños, todo es impredecible, menos mal que habéis podido disfrutar del día, saludos

    When we have children, everything is unpredictable, at least they have been enjoying the day, greetings

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