The ever changing urban art II

Manifest destiny

Caption from Manifest Destiny! site

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the house, a little cabin, which popped out on the wall of the 447 Bush street building, the Hotel des Arts. I just found the answer to my questions:

What: Manifest Destiny!. It is wooden cabin on “unoccupied land” in the financial district of San Francisco.

Who: Jenny Chapman and Mark Reigelman

When: It is going to be there through October 2012.

How: Check the artists’ web sites.


About amaliabarragan

I am the mother of two daughters who left Spain longer than 2 years ago to live in San Francisco Bay Area, where the family was relocated. I am now living through that adaptation period which is the motherhood. Trying to keep in mind the essentials of my life before it and pass them on my little daughters. Those important things are outdoor activities, nature, biking, friends, traveling around the world, curiosity about everything, art, cooking. I am definitely enjoying this time with tons of activities and by sharing them I would love to help others.

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  1. I should pay more attention to details. I walk down that street 5 days a week… I’ve never seen anything special.

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