Superhero play

Your own superhero Cape and mask

Your own superhero cape and mask.

Weather permitting, outdoors play is the perfect way to spend kids’ extra energy. Parks, beach, swimming pools are good options to keep the kids busy by themselves.  They use their imagination to actively play for hours, though sometimes a bit of help from parents as a play initiator it is welcomed by the kids.

I like suggesting them to play superheroes, if you do so with a group of kids 3 to 6 year old you will see different reactions in the kids, boys will love the idea right away while girls’ reaction will be less enthusiastic. Before going further, I would like to frame what Superheroes play means to this age group:  superpowers, accessories like cape, mask or belt, fight the bad guys…  To fight the bad guys can rise some concerns  due to its link to violence thus, we, parents or caregivers, should be around to point out that superheroes use their powers to help others and concepts like goodness or fairness. And obviously, kids of this age shouldn’t be aware of any dark side of Superheroes.

Going back to how boys and girls play superheroes, you will see that boys focus their attention in the physical side: running, climbing while girls invent a story around the superhero mission.  Combining those two behaviors enrich both, boys’ and girls’ play. Furthermore, as mom of two young preschoolers, my experience is that superhero play means tons of active play, to try different personalities, to help others, to find out ways to solve problems, team work to accomplish a mission.

Finally, kids can play superheroes with a lot of imagination and they don’t need to be someone else superhero. Here, you will find a bunch of  ideas for the kids to become his/her own superhero.

  • Build your own cape and mask. Any superhero needs a disguise, this way they can hide their true identities. Several accessories characterize superheroes: Cape, mask, belt, boots, gloves…  “sewing” a cape is super easy; actually, you don’t need to sew,  just use felt, cut a cape and them you can glue a superhero logo like a thunder, a shape, kid’s initial.

The mask is a bit more complicated. You can cut two masks out of felt and glue them together so the mask gets stiffer, finally, you can add a little of imagination to personalize the mask for your little one.

This indoor craft activity is the perfect prelude to the outdoor physical fun. Besides, these two craft activities are easy enough to be made with the kids, and some of the steps can be made by the kids themselves. The capes and masks from the picture were made by our friend Aura for her kid’s birthday party. Needless to say that kids were amazed by the superhero kit and have a lot of fun in their Superhero costumes.

SuperME hero cape backpack

SuperME cape backpack.

  • What do you think about this cape backpack by SuperME?. This is the perfect gadget for heroes on the go. Kids who carry their own things and the Superhero gear like a mask and a cape.

The  cape backpack can be used as everyday backpack,   it is the perfect size to be carried by young kids and it has plenty of space for their things and with the add on of the cape and mask, it is perfect for playdates in the park. Moms don’t need to remember to pack the superhero gear any more.SuperME cape backpack

The backpacks come in different colors and they can be personalized with patches to celebrate kids’ achievements like learning to swim or riding a bike, becoming an expert baker… My daughter loved the pink/purple backpack. It was love at first sight. The case of her little sister was a little different, that was “Monkey sees, Monkey does”.

The line of SuperMe product came up from two San Franciscan moms who refined the idea during endless playdates. I met one of them who showed me the product and you could tell right away that this is her third baby: when you have the product in your hands you can see they took good care of details. I wish them success in this adventure.

Chicken shock Superhero starter kit

Book: The superhero starter kit

  • The superhero Kit by Chicken Socks. This is a book which not only comes with a cape, some pre-cut masks and wrist shields. It also explains the reasons behind the superheroes accessories. When I saw this book, I automatically saw it as a party favor for a Superhero birthday party. The favor can be handed out at the beginning of the party and the kids can turn into their own Superheroes.
Superhero play. Babies and todlers ideas

Small wings for superheroes

  • Young kids are Mom’s heroes and these Small Superhero wings attached to their sneakers will transform them into the cutest thing on Earth, (and Sky). This is a Smallfly design I found in Etsy.
  • We have been drawing with chalks on the garage floor,  I drew city skylines to take pictures of my little Superheroes flying over the city. This is another cute idea, we have drawn several skylines of imagined cities. My favorite is this one of San Francisco because my daughters now can recognize some of the building in the city when we go there .
San Francisco Skyline, Superhero photo booth

San Francisco Skyline

What are your favorite ideas to play superheroes?, have you tried any of these suggestions?, How was your experience? I am looking forward to hearing from you…


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  1. Love the Skyline. My little guys love this idea but.., I can not draw a straight line. I’d better try to bribe them getting couple of backpacks.

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