Halloween Ghost

Two weeks to Halloween and counting!!


About amaliabarragan

I am the mother of two daughters who left Spain longer than 2 years ago to live in San Francisco Bay Area, where the family was relocated. I am now living through that adaptation period which is the motherhood. Trying to keep in mind the essentials of my life before it and pass them on my little daughters. Those important things are outdoor activities, nature, biking, friends, traveling around the world, curiosity about everything, art, cooking. I am definitely enjoying this time with tons of activities and by sharing them I would love to help others.

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  1. love the image- wondering how you explain the concept of Halloween to children- or dont they ask questions? in our country Halloween isnt really celebrated, but we do dress up from time to time and my son wanted to know why we want to be monsters….

    • I grew up in Spain, and lived all my live in Europe, so this is my third Halloween. My 4 year old and I have grown into this celebration at the same time. And we celebrate the naive and cute part of it. There is no place for scary zombies or bloody body parts. Halloween for us is an excuse to go pumpkin picking or a theme for craft projects. So our Halloween is more aligned with the fall harvest tradition than with the dead. I have not investigated too much about the All Hallows’ Eve traditions; I feel we have enough with this simple version.
      Said that, I can see my daughter (4 year old) adding new elements of Halloween year by year as she grows up. First year, Halloween was a fun excuse to go pumpkin picking, work on art projects with orange and black colors and carve the pumpkins with faces. She did not pay too much attention to the costumes or to trick-or-treating. Second year, the costumes, and more specifically the princesses’ costumes were the greatest Halloween thing by far, even when she plays dress up all year around. This year, she talks about vampires and how to get rid of them. I explained to her that vampires only exist in your imagination, so that you can play vampires but you are not really scared by them.
      My 2 year old daughter follows her sister’s steps, and I see how she incorporates Halloween elements faster than her big sister as she is more exposed to them.
      About your son’s question: Why we want to be a monster? That is a good question. I don’t really want to be a monster but to pretend you are a monster is fun because you can imagine a lot of things.

      • That sounds like so much fun. I wish it was here like that, or even like the way they celebrate it in Mexico. For them its part of their culture paying homage to the dead and not being scared of it- which i like. I also prefer the harvest tradition. Sometimes children make sense of the world in a different way than we would expect. I like the way you go through the whole process with her- and incorporating making fun stuff. It is much easier with the second child- i agree- they do tend to pick up much more from the older ones. Maybe i should stop worrying about explaining everything and just have fun.

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