Dinosaur eggs


Easter is right around the corner, it is time to think about how we’re going to decorate our Easter eggs. This year, we are going to start including them in our diet: Dinosaur eggs!.

The process is so simple than even young children can help:

Boil the eggs, them let the kids crack them. That is fun.

Prepare colored water by just adding food coloring to some water. Let the eggs soak in the water for 10 minutes and after that the eggs can be peeled.

The result is like this…

Dinosour eggs 1


About amaliabarragan

I am the mother of two daughters who left Spain longer than 2 years ago to live in San Francisco Bay Area, where the family was relocated. I am now living through that adaptation period which is the motherhood. Trying to keep in mind the essentials of my life before it and pass them on my little daughters. Those important things are outdoor activities, nature, biking, friends, traveling around the world, curiosity about everything, art, cooking. I am definitely enjoying this time with tons of activities and by sharing them I would love to help others.

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