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DIY Doll House


“Kids, and more specially girls, love doll houses, they spend hours and hours independently and quietly playing with them”, those are sentences I have read so many times, and I love the idea of getting a doll house for my daughters with nice furniture and tons of accessories. It is hard to reach an agreement about the essential set we should get, my husband thinks the barbeque set is a must, while I think the playground set with swings and a sand box is a better idea…

As this is a big purchase, I think to have in mind the girls’ opinion is important, so I took them to a toy store to show them the doll houses and see their reaction. Surprisingly, they paid, by far, much attention to a pink baby doll and other glitter pink thing.

I could not believe it!… So I changed my mind: no big doll house, we’d rather try a DIY house first, something easy and fun to build together, a good excuse to recycle some of the packaging around and if we have fun with it, we might get an upgrade to a wooden fancy doll house…

This is how we make our doll house:

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